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Welcome to icons_n_such dedicated to bringing you kickass graphics of all your favourite shows/bands/anime!

- Check the tags before making a request.

- All posts must be tagged, if there is no tag for the subject you're posting, send a PM to me- mellowmetallica -and I'll add one.

- No hotlinking or posting of stolen graphics, once gets you warned, twice gets you banned.

- Any images or previews larger than 200x200px must be under a LJ-cut.*

- Advertising other communities is not allowed, if you'd like for you community to be advertised here, drop a comment on our affiliates post telling a bit about your community and a I'll make an advertisement post.

- Adult subject matter such as nudity, sexual themes or flat out pornographic icons and such are allowed, you must however mark the post as containing adult subject matter and tag it with the !Adult tag. It might also be nice if you throw a "NSFW" into your header.

*"But I don't know how to do a LJ-cut!" Oh? <*lj cut-text="CLICK TO VIEW ICONS"*> [CUT CONTENTS] <*/lj-cut*>
Remove the astericks and you're good to go. :)


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